A stabile and mobile body is the foundation for every type of movement.

By developing stability--the ability to maintain and control the movement of our joints--we can safely explore and increase the limits of our mobility – the synchronization of our muscles, joints, and brain that enables force production and movement.


Muscule Activation Techniques (MAT™) is a revolutionary biomechanical process that identifies and corrects muscular imbalances that can cause stability and mobility problems.  We use MAT™ to evaluate the way the muscular system and brain are communicating and to make corrections that can dramatically improve functional capabilities for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Safe and consistent progress is the key to building muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina.   We train smart, and we get strong!


Personal Resistance Training (PRT) is our client-defined approach to building strength, manipulating body composition, and maintaining highly functional joints and muscles.



Aerobic Training and Conditioning is offered through sport-specific workshops and clinics held on a rotating schedule throughout the year.  We also incorporate interval and endurance training into our PRT sessions, depending on the goals and current abilities of each client..  As with all of our services, we address aerobic conditioning with an integrated approach that takes into account each client’s ability, fitness level, and unique needs.


Nutrition and weight management can be highly impactful on our ability to create greater strength, stability, mobility and stamina.  It is key to our metabolic processes, long term health, and overall wellbeing.  We can help you sort through all of the alarming and contradictory information that streams to us daily and create a simple, manageable plan for eating well, enjoying food, and appreciating it for all the good it brings to us nutritionally and socially.



Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) 

Energy Healing

Stay tuned for expanded offering of holistic wellness services, workshops, trainings, and events!