Our Practice 


“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

 -- Eleanor Roosevelt


We are changing, growing, evolving.  Each of us adjusts and adapts as we navigate the choices life presents.  Each path is unique, and who we are, body and mind, can change subtly or abruptly at any point in the journey.


Our intent and purpose is to meet you where you are, discover where you want to be, and work with you to create an effective action plan that moves with you, wherever you are, at any given time, to get you there.


Our relationship with you starts with a needs assessment to learn about your goals, your experience, and your current condition -- physical mobility and stability, nutritional awareness, stress level, and overall feeling of wellbeing.


Together, we’ll determine your priorities based on what we discover.


Injury prevention and/or recovery, increased strength and mobility, endurance training, weight management, stress relief – each may need to be addressed in varying degrees and combinations to meet your unique goals.


Our practice is anchored firmly in science, and we are constantly questioning what we “know,” researching what we need to understand better, and turning that research into effective practices. 


Like you, we continue to evolve.  We and seek to explore, adopt, and integrate complimentary holistic and alternative health practices into our process.  We believe strongly in a collaborative environment between coach and client, and we extend that openness to the rich network of health and wellness professionals who are exploring new approaches, reviving ancient ones, and creating positive, lasting change in our communities. 


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